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A Tale of Two Scarves! And a Free Pattern!

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

My son wanted me to knit him a scarf. My 21-year-old son, who is very, very picky and just slightly opinionated! He wanted a scarf that was green, grey and cream with the stripes going the long way.

Okay, where to start… First, I found a yarn that he would think was suitable. Not wool, not scratchy and with dark colors. We had Kraemer’s Summit Hill at the shop where I worked and he didn’t have to know that it was superwash wool. It was not scratchy and the correct colors, so I cast on and knitted and knitted and knitted! On and on and on on small needles as it is a rather thin yarn! It was the neverending scarf, but finally it was done. Here it is:

It was a lovely scarf and just the way he wanted it to look. Can you hear the “but” coming? It was too long!!! By about 2 feet! He didn’t want to wrap it around his neck, he just wanted it to hang on each side of his neck, on his coat. Couldn’t I just “fix” it? Rip it out and reknit it? Fix it!

Did I mention that this scarf was a gift for Christmas of 2006 and here it was almost Christmas of 2007 and he still wasn’t going to wear that “too long” scarf. I was secretly hoping he would just give in and wear the thing, but he has a long memory and started with the “can’t you just fix it” argument again. Guilt set in and I was determined to find an answer.

I could not bear to rip that neverending and oh, so nice scarf out, so I decided to make a second one. I found some Lamb’s Pride yarn in my stash and refigured the pattern for the different gauge and length and started off again. The yarns were a perfect match even though they were from totally different yarn companies and I was very pleased with the result:

Here are the two scarves side by side:

I am pretty happy with the second scarf. I figured the gauge just right and it was just the right length and I felt pretty smart. I thought I would post the pattern in case anyone else might like a lengthwise striped scarf that is not too long or too short so here you are:

Lengthwise Striped Scarf – 68″ x 5 1/2″

Lamb’s Pride Worsted Yarn ( 190 yards-4 oz.) , One skein each of Forest Green, Dark Gray and Cream

Gauge – 4 1/2 stitches per inch on #9 circular needle (I do knit rather tightly so check your own gauge)

Note: Slip first stitch of each row purlwise with yarn in front, then move yarn to back to continue knitting row. Also, it makes your edge neater if you change colors on the last stitch of previous row by knitting last stitch with new color.

Cast on 280 stitches loosely onto circular needle with Dark Gray. Knit 5 more rows with Dark Gray.

Knit 4 rows Cream.

Knit 6 rows Forest Green.

Knit 4 rows Cream.

Knit 6 rows Dark Gray.

Knit 4 rows Cream.

Knit 6 rows Forest Green.

Knit 4 rows Cream.

Knit 5 rows Dark Gray.

Bind off loosely with Dark Gray. Weave in all those pesky ends and then enjoy your scarf!