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Bad Times In the Ole Corral!

I am sorry that I haven’t been blogging for the last few weeks. There are some serious things going on in my family and I’ll probably be quite sporatic for the next few months. Life must go on so I am trying really hard to go on, too!

Anyway, I might as well tell you about our spinning guild’s recent trip to Kent and Nanette Knappenberger’s “ranch” in Westfield, NY, since we are talking about corrals! Our group is call the “Hilltop Spinners” and it was started about 25 years ago. My daughter and I joined about 3 1/2 years ago. I first learned to spin on a drop spindle and quickly had a new Lendrum spinning wheel all my own.

Kent and Nanette have sheep, a mohair goat named “Fred”, horses, a cow, a llama named “Sugar Bear” and some dogs (and lots of cute kids!!!). We always have a great time when our meeting is at their house. They have beautiful fiber and roving for us to buy and a fun project for us to “make and take”. This year we played around with dying fiber and locks and then baked our creations in the oven for one hour to set the dye. Beautiful hand-dyed rovings and fleece were had by all. Last year we cleaned and washed “Fred” for our own mohair to spin!

Here are some pictures from our special day:






This is Fred the mohair goat. Last year, Kent had been shearing him and only had one side of him done when we came for our guild meeting. When Kent tried to show Fred to us, Fred wouldn’t come our of his little shed because he was so embarassed!!!

Here is Kent (Nanette is just behind him) with his horses.

And here is the little pony!

I bought two fleeces to spin. They are both border leicester fleeces.

This one is from “Marianne”.

And this one is from Laura!

And our dying experiments were very lovely! Here are the locks:

And the roving!

We had a great time and are very thankful to Kent and Nanette for being the perfect hosts for our spinning guild! Thanks again!!!

2 Responses to “Bad Times In the Ole Corral!”

  1. Meagan Says:

    What cute little wooly baa-baa’s! It makes me want to spin something! Your dyed stuff turned out really nice, too.

  2. Pottersclay597 Says:

    Just popping in to say hi and I miss ya…..we need to get together and do some fun spinning/knitting/chatting/whatever kind of stuff… =o) I miss ya tons.

    Love ya,

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